Preparation Tips

  1. Start preparing today. It will take time to coordinate getting  all of the lights turned off and communicating with your tenants security, housekeeping and engineering.
  2. Security and housekeeping should start providing you reports on a nightly basis of the percentage of lights left on and which floors.
  3. Train your security, housekeeping and engineering teams to help you turn off lights in unoccupied offices.
  4. Send a note to your tenants about Lights Out Houston and ask for their assistance in turning off lights when they leave at night.
  5. Send a note to your tenants that your team will be turning off lights in unoccupied offices after hours.
  6. Offices that are still occupied are not being asked to turn off their lights. Those tenants should consider how many lights are on while they work.
  7. Historical and decorative lighting – turn them off for the event. 9 pm – midnight.
  8. Housekeeping should be complete by 9:30 pm and lights should be off to insure darkness by 10 pm.
  9. Lighting controls may need to be overridden to have buildings dark by 9:30 pm
  10. Landscaping lighting – turn off if they are not part of security lighting.
  11. Security lighting should be left on.
  12. Roof top decorative lights – turn off for the event.
  13. Encourage your property management colleagues to participate.
  14. Tell your friends and family and ask them to watch the news for the Lights Out Houston participation. Turn off unnecessary lights at home.

Show your building that you are participating by adding content to the elevator Captivate screen. Download Here.

Want more information? Download the 2013 LightsOut Houston Brief