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Local to Global Business Fundraising Strategies (How To Guide)

Being a local Houston based community service oriented blog and website, we want to share the best ways you can raise funds on a local level that can potentially help have a global impact.

To raise money online may seem like a natural option to some, but the question of – why is always important. After figuring out your overall purpose and why you want to make money online, you next have to decide – how to properly and simply get the desired funds to make everything work accordingly. In this article, we will look at the why and the how to receive money online for your charity or local-based operation.

Topics we will cover that can help put the spotlight on how to get money donations for your cause:

money donations spotlight• How To Raise Funds and Make Money Online
• Reasons People Choose To Donate Money Online
• How To Setup Funds and Donations Properly

Why Local Fundraising for Global Impact?

Receiving money online can seem like a no brainer, but in reality there has to be a reason why you want to make money online. People love to know the outcome of where their donations and proceeds will be allocated.

We always talk about how to use a system properly that will help accelerate your outreach and grow your audience faster and quicker than word of mouth or belly to belly handshakes.

There are many internet systems that can teach and show you how to prospect like iPAS2 for example – but that may not cater to everyone on a global level compared to locally.

If you have a technical product or service then the internet may be the best way to make money, though it doesn’t have to rest on a technical service. There are many home grown real world businesses that use the internet to make money online.

A big benefit to make money online is that you have lower costs in getting started in many cases. When you consider a retail outlet or other types of businesses, you often have huge costs and that is even before you started.

The internet does offer an easier route to get started without investing a lot of money.

People that are looking to make it big, also consider the internet. The internet offers such a route to success because everyone is online, making the market very big.

Reasons People Choose To Raise Funds Online:

There are many reasons why people choose to make money online. Parents who have to look after children, women and in today’s world, men who stay at home to look after children often find that the internet offers a great way to be able to have a solution that doesn’t require the kind of effort that a business would require, allowing them to both be there for them as well as produce an extra income.

People who don’t have the proper funds also find the internet is a great idea and will always make small donations if they have it. To make money online doesn’t require a big investment before seeing results in many cases, and for this reason, is an ideal solution for anyone.

That is where we see internet acceleration systems that can help you raise the right amount of awareness and money. We can refer you to this iPas 2 review for more information.

Programmers and technical people generally want to look to the internet and start to make money online. This is a natural process for many and considering that these often allow a better route to success, technical people look to make money online.

How To Earn Money Online with Donations:

The biggest question after your reasons is finding how to make money online. With this there are many options. You can make money online by selling products and services on your own website. You can also make money online helping others sell their products.

Other experts in the field will tell you to give away a lot of free value upfront in hopes of asking for a small donation or charitable contribution on the backend. There are websites out there tha talk about this in-depth like

As such, there are many routes (expert or beginner) to raise donations and charity using the global outreach of the internet. Once you properly define and outline your purpose, all else will fall in place as finding people who are in alignment with your purpose will be easier from the start.

Also as another expert tip for your local charity or organization is to learn from others in the space that are related to what you are doing. Off the top, one highly recommended Houston donation spot is the salvation army.

Houston MLM Business Owners, Start “Attracting” (5 Ways)


(image source:

The Art of MLM Recruiting

The Houston area is blessed with some amazing multi-level-companies (like World Ventures), so perhaps you have been approached about one of these “deals”.

Was it tacky?

After a short time in the MLM industry, most people recognize a simple truth: if you don’t know how to engage people and be a leader, you will not succeed. That’s right: you are the CEO of your own MLM business and what do CEO’s do?

They lead others.

So, to be successful at MLM recruiting you must be a good leader in order to attract prospects to your business…correction: attract prospects to you.

Because after all, you’re convincing people to join you. The product is actually secondary to how well you can display leadership skills. Therefore, these 5 ways to attract prospects, these so-called “MLM Secrets” are all about being a great MLM leader.

If you’re involved in any type of business, sales and/or MLM, you’ve seen what good leaders can do:

  • good leaders inspire
  • good leaders listen
  • good leaders attract people to them and they’re liked
  • good leaders develop trust among their prospects

How do they accomplish such tasks and display such magnetic characteristics?

Here’s how they do it, in 5 ways:

#1 :: Build relationships rather than sell product. The first rule of MLM recruiting is to build relationships…in person, on Facebook or LinkedIn, or wherever. Build trust, be a good listener, ask lots of questions, and develop those relationships. Draw people out by asking questions…encourage your contacts to share more of themselves.

#2 :: Listen to What Prospects are Saying. By listening, you’re gaining knowledge about prospects’ goals. Does someone want to quit their job? Have the freedom to travel more? Spend more time with family? Listen to what they want, and only then can you offer them a solution via your MLM business opportunity. Let them dominate the conversation…don’t even talk about yourself at first. Don’t even say what you do…let them ask and it will come out naturally. Instead, focus on what each prospect wants out of life.

#3 :: Don’t Use Pressure. Don’t even use persuasion. Just build that relationship and develop trust. That’s the power of MLM recruiting…it’s all about attraction marketing. The very second you try and “convince” someone to join your business, they’re outta there. Gone, poof. Like kids who can smell fear on a substitute teacher the minute she walks into the classroom, prospects will smell desperation the minute you try and sell them something or convince them. You must let the relationship develop naturally and let the MLM business info leak out slowly. Let them discover what a great opportunity you have for them. You can even take the pressure off by saying things like “I’m not even sure this line of work is right for you.”

#4 :: Offer Value to Prospects. Using what you learned when you were being a good listener, offer them some value based on what they want. Value comes in the form of education, in this case. Educate your prospects on how they can improve their lives. They’ll learn to become good leaders just like you….or they’ll learn valuable skills they can use the rest of their lives. If you’re online, offer free webinar tutorials where they can learn about the business and realize their potential.

#5 :: Let Them Decide. After you’ve built trust, added value and refrained from using pressure, you’ve given it your all and set up the situation where the prospect can make his or her own decision. Truly, this is a far more secure way of recruiting for your MLM business and makes for a solid, long-lasting team that will produce and produce…everyone wins!

So, if you ever get in the MLM game, remember to recruit by utilizing attraction marketing.

There are tons of them in Houston, so it’s probably you’ve been recruited before…now, show the people of Houston how to recruit the right way.

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