Movers Share Green Moving Practices to Implement for Your Relocation

You may live an eco-friendly life and do your best to reuse, recycle, and use less each day. Moving every item you own is no reason to give up your green lifestyle. Incorporate eco-friendly steps to minimize your carbon footprint, as well as to save you time and money on your relocation.

1. Donate

Whether you contract with a moving company or move things yourself, having less will save money and headaches. Preparing for a move provides the perfect opportunity to assess your possessions and keep only the ones that are necessary and important to you. Responsibly donate the rest to individuals or organizations so others can benefit from your castoffs and they will not end up in a landfill.

2. Fuel wisely

How you transport your possessions is as important as what you transport. Select companies that offer well-maintained, fuel-efficient trucks, whether you are renting and driving one or hiring a moving company. Some companies now sport fleets that operate on bio-fuel. If you are shipping your car, consider rail transport. Trains are four times more energy efficient than trucks.

3. Reuse

Cardboard boxes are a mainstay when moving, but they need not be new ones. Ask friends and family if they have unused boxes that they are willing to part with. Check with grocery and liquor stores for more boxes. Boxes can be used several times if stored in a clean, dry place. Pass along the boxes you use to others when they move.

4. Repurpose

Forget traditional packing peanuts and plastic bubble wrap. Austin movers suggest using your towels, linens, and out-of-season clothing to cushion your breakables. Take advantage of biodegradable packing peanuts. Utilize trash bags as containers for soft, bulky items like pillows, coats, and skiwear, then save the bags for messy trash, or use them as drop cloths for DIY projects.

5. Rent

Some companies rent sturdy, plastic containers to individuals to use during a move. This saves you money because you can rent heavy-duty containers for less than purchasing. Having to return them within a given timeframe encourages you to unpack quickly and settle into your home, minimizing that awkward transition phase. And you are more environmentally conscious by using a big piece of plastic once that can be used up to 400 times by others. Also, consider renting hand trucks and furniture pads instead of buying so that the items can be used many times. Renting also saves you the headache of storing empty containers.

Once you consider your move from an eco-friendly perspective, you will find many ways to minimize your possessions, maximize the use of containers by you and others, repurpose items making a move, and discover fuel-efficient options for getting from point A to point B. Your green approach will be kinder to the earth, easier on your budget, and ultimately result in a smoother move to your new location.

 Movers Share Green Moving Practices to Implement for Your Relocation

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